About BdoodleZ

The Story Behind the Doodles

It all started in college, when my sister shared with me a new sketch book of hers, that she was dedicating solely to doodles. I loved the idea so much, I decided to start one of my own. I carried it everywhere and instead of doodling on the sides of notebooks or folders I kept my doodles in the book.

Springing totally from my imagination, I loved exploring different styles of hatch patterns, different themes, and unusual shapes: always solely in black and white. I also loved getting feedback. It is always so much fun to have someone look through my books and comment on my doodles, because everyone always has a different favorite!

I was often told that I could sell my designs or should try to make money from my doodles, but I was never quite sure how. Finally it dawned on me: They were the perfect size and shape for cards! Thus, BdoodleZ was born.