Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Story Behind the Card: Pumpkin Thank You

I'm super excited about the new card I posted on Etsy today. Its a simple but fun Thank You card with an Autumn Theme. And it was created in part with my new fun gadget: a touch pad pen!

The design still began with one of my hand-drawn pen and ink doodles (the main pumpkin), which I scanned into photoshop (and hand in the past featured as a gift-tag design). The design was too small for a full sized card, so this is where the creative digital touches took hold. Using the line drawing functions in photoshop I created the lines for the border. Then I added the text.
But the card still looked a little empty to me, I wanted to add just a little more... and this is where the pen came in! Using my fun little toy, I drew an additional swirling vine above the pumpkin, along with border of the card. I actually was continuing a vine that had been hand drawn. Can you tell where the hand drawing ends and the digital doodle begins.
I doubt I'd ever give up my hand-drawing completely, but it is fun to dip my toes into the waters of digital drawing!
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